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means a change of perspective on situations, problems, relationships or life circumstances that were perceived to be stuck. The in-depth-psychologically founded method of Analytical Intensive Counseling enables us to "flip" in a joint setting, whereby you become aware of unconscious connections that control many aspects of your life.


implies that it is always about you. About your world of experience, about how you deal with yourself and others, about your clarity, values, wishes, fears and feelings of all kinds. It is possibly also about the (re-) discovery of your full repertoire and your possibilities.

The famous psychoanalyst Erich Fromm once said: "You can only love others when you can be alone with yourself".

Intensive analytical counselor - at BSP Berlin (2018)

certified, three-year, in-depth psychology-based postgraduate studies & training

Business Psychologist - at BSP Berlin (2017)

with emphasis:

Cultural Psychology & Counseling Psychology

International Business Economist - at Europe University Viadriana (2015)

with emphasis:

Organizational Behavior & Management

Self-employed counselor, supervisor & psychological consultant 

since 2018

Freelance lecturer at BSP Berlin

since 2016

Knowledge Manager DB Management Consulting

2015 - 2018

Social involvement in on-call care & educational guidance at the Youth Welfare Office Stuttgart

2006 – 2015


represents the lightness and freedom that comes with self-knowledge, self-acceptance, self-assurance and an increasingly flexible thinking and acting self. The better you know yourself, the more satisfying decisions you make for your life. This is a very simple rule. It is also incredibly enjoyable and calming to get to know yourself and your circumstances on a deep level and also satisfies an inherent curiosity to know "where you come from".


would like to get involved where I am needed, with the offers for which I have a special passion and talent, the skills I have acquired during my training and the experience I have gained in my personal and professional life.
On request I am happy to work in English or Hungarian and travel to other locations within Europe for one-time assignments. If you have any requests outside the services I offer, please do not hesitate to contact me.

My expertise

Member of the VFP

The VFP is the association of independent psychotherapists, alternative practitioners for psychotherapy and psychological counselors. As a certified Analytical Intensive Counselor, I am a certified member of the association and am in regular contact with other psychologists, psychotherapists or psychological counselors.

I place great value on closing my cases in an especially conscientious manner. For this reason, I regularly participate in supervision and collegial case consultations and continue my education in various psychological programs. 

Entspricht DCV Gütekriterien


As an Analytical Intensive Counselor, I am qualified to lead and certify the self-experience and supervision for the DCV. The German Coaching Association (DCV) has the following certification guidelines:


"Self-experience process: A professional self-experience process lasts of at least 50 time hours in the form of e.g. coaching or psychotherapy with a coach (DCV) or a comparably qualified person. A maximum of 30 hours of this may be completed in group processes.

In order to obtain certification, the coach also provides proof of 40 hours of further training or supervision every 2 years without request. Upon application, hours exceeding this minimum number of hours can be carried over to the next validity period."