for your case

You work in a psychological or related profession, e.g. in social work, psychosocial counseling, management, coaching, education, terminal care and you need a trained view from the outside on a special case, client or your own engagement. The "case" can also be a close person with whom you are looking for a more appropriate approach.

for your team/employees

You are looking for a trained supervisor who will regularly guide your group in peer supervisions and, in occasional cases, carry out supervisions with employees or can be a contact person in case of troublesome circumstances. I also offer training and lectures of this format - feel free to contact me!

for your personal situation

You are already very reflective, you know your patterns and methods, and you would like to get a view from the outside because of an upcoming major decision or for the question how your life should proceed now. Supervision is also suitable as an overview of your progress (e.g. in self-employment).

advantages of supervision

Quality assurance

In order to ensure quality and objectivity in psychological or social work with people in psychosocial conditions, supervision is regularly required nowadays. For this reason, many professional associations and employers oblige their members to be supervised.

The separation of your own attitudes can be very tricky, e.g. when you are reminded of your own situations, emotions or solutions. Especially if you have a bad gut feeling, it is worth consulting a trained external person. Often the key to the important next step can be found in these impulses.

If, for example, as a coach you use deeper methods, such as the lifeline, inner-child work, family constellation and biography work, supervision helps you to recognize the phenomena uncovered in the process of coaching and to deal with them professionally - if necessary, to change your course.

Supervision thus also serves as a decision-making instrument. Both in the professional and private environment. 

Mental Hygiene

Supervision is considered a central component of all psychological and social work. Another reason for its high value is mental hygiene, i.e. the maintenance and attainment of mental health.

As a coach or social worker (and also if you are privately involved in nursing or are a family member of a sick person), you are involved in the life and development of another person several times a week for months. This means you provide support, counseling, assistance in coping with everyday life and accompaniment. In addition to proper methods and training, this requires good mental hygiene. 

Last but not least, this is an additional challenge in the field of self-employment, e.g. in the context of workload, accessibility, possibly existential questions and the lack of an overall view of your developments.

Taking sufficient breaks, ensuring good sleep hygiene, enough fresh air and exercise, a balanced diet and social contacts outside the working environment are, in addition to regular supervision, proven tools for good mental hygiene.


from 100€


  • 50 - 100 minutes
  • online & offline in Hamburg
  • Case Assessment
  • Overview of overall situation
  • Recommendations

upon request

Case Consultation Case Supervision

  • 60 - 120 minutes
  • 1 - 10 participants
  • personally in the Hamburg area
  • Regularity if requested