Self-Awareness Counseling

Self-Awareness Counseling

Discover your own patterns and unconscious methods

The better you know yourself, the better you make choices.

The better you choose, the more satisfied you are.

Following this logic, I invite you to join me in 20 sessions of self-awareness counseling.

The special feature of the flipself self-awareness counseling

is the illustration of your own unconscious patterns and methods using a fairy tale This allows you to take a look at yourself from the outside and reflect yourself by mirroring the fairytale. If, for example, I should choose the fairy tale "Cinderella" for you based on your patterns and methods, you can observe yourself when, how and why you jump back and forth between the ashes and the ball and just cannot reach your goal. At this stage you will find your own suitable solutions. This will help you to e.g. in the coaching setting, if you unconsciously want to chop off the heels of your coachee so that they fit into a shoe you think is right for them. This allows you to know what you yourself "bring to the table", In order not to adopt your own attitudes (e.g. in the case of Cinderella you might want to take responsibility for your coachee, do their work, etc.), but rather really move your coachee forward. With the help of your personal fairy tale, you can answer the following question at any time: What do my unconscious patterns have to do with my situation and how do I handle them?

Design: Sarah Rickmers (Visuelle Magie)

If you are a coach, counselor or for any other psychological freelance profession (except psychotherapy), I am happy to provide you with a certificate of your completed self-experience for submission to your association.

On a journey of discovery in your magical unconscious!

A self-awareness experience is not only an exciting and fascinating expedition into the inner world, but also serves to prevent from mental illness. So you are on the safe side when deciding to pursue self-awareness counseling: you are on the way to fulfill your desires and at the same time avoid suffering. Congratulations on this wise step!



  • 50 minutes Assesment
  • Case clarification
  • Getting to know each other
  • Safe space and protected data
  • Clarification of the general framework
  • Further recommendation in case of non-admission


One-on-one session

  • 50 minutes per session
  • ab 10 Sitzungen (Empfehlung: 20)
  • Sessions take place online and/or offline
  • Safe space and protected data
  • Personalized and matching fairy tale
  • Transfer into everyday life