Welcome! My name is Barbara Bardos, I am the flipself founder, business psychologist and analytical counselor. My in-depth-psychologically founded services make use of fairy tales to illustrate the psyche. This way we discover the magical world of your unconscious together.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Assessment Test

An assessment helps to clarify which intervention (coaching, mentoring, psychotherapy, counseling, supervision or couple therapy) best suits your current situation. The test takes 8 minutes.

Intensive Counseling

Psychological counseling is highly recommended for recurring problems, crises, overwhelming pressure and for the prevention of mental illness. You can also do this without any pressure of suffering (self-awareness counseling).


Particularly well suited as a onetime tool to help you with difficult decisions, as an overview of your own life situation, for dealing with difficult people or coaching cases and in exceptional situations.

Fairy Tales

In in-depth psychology, fairy tales are used to simplify and illustrate the psyche. During your counseling process you will receive a fairy tale selected according to your unconscious pattern, which will provide you with sustainable support.

my values


I regard the human being as a unity between body, mind and soul, which strives for balance in the context of its environment. According to this view I apply an in-depth psychological approach in all my services.


Open and sincere communication is very important to me. I offer a safe space in which absolutely everything can be discussed. Your topics as well as your data are subject to my professional secrecy.


Whether in a personal consultation or if you have any questions via telephone or e-mail - I will get back to you within 24 hours. If possible, I will meet you in person. 


I treat everyone equally, regardless of religious beliefs, sexual identity, gender, appearance, origin or social status. 

If you are not financially in a position to afford a consultation or counseling, please contact the social coaching platform www.faircoachings.de and feel free to apply for my services under the offer number: BBE-EC-01 and get a fair price (30% discount).

This offer applies to financially disadvantaged people, such as students, trainees, single parents and unemployed people. 

meine expertise

Member of the VFP

The VFP is the association of independent psychotherapists, alternative practitioners for psychotherapy and psychological counselors. As a certified Analytical Intensive Counselor, I am a certified member of the association and am in regular contact with other psychologists, psychotherapists or psychological counselors.

I place great value on closing my cases in an especially conscientious manner. For this reason, I regularly participate in supervision and collegial case consultations and continue my education in various psychological programs. 

Entspricht DCV Gütekriterien


As an Analytical Intensive Counselor, I am qualified to lead and certify the self-experience and supervision for the DCV. The German Coaching Association (DCV) has the following certification guidelines:


"Self-experience process: A professional self-experience process lasts of at least 50 time hours in the form of e.g. coaching or psychotherapy with a coach (DCV) or a comparably qualified person. A maximum of 30 hours of this may be completed in group processes.

In order to obtain certification, the coach also provides proof of 40 hours of further training or supervision every 2 years without request. Upon application, hours exceeding this minimum number of hours can be carried over to the next validity period."


I am looking forward to meeting you!

Barbara Bardos


nach Vereinbarung


Reimerstwiete 1, 20457 Hamburg

If you or someone close to you urgently needs help, please contact the telephone helpline (www.telefonseelsorge.de) under the number: 0800 111 0 111, the German Depression Help Center (www.deutsche-depressionshilfe.de) or 112. There you will receive help from trained counselors who can point out ways out of difficult, seemingly unsolvable situations.

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