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Your Mission: Client and Employee Satisfaction

Flipself Offers Market Research Strategies and Learning & Development Coaching

Flipself helps you to develop and understand your brand with the help of psychological impact research garnered by studying your customers and their habits. Through our research, we support your business, conceptually and operationally, in the areas of research & development, implementation of go-to-market process, and support of system operations.

What image is associated with your company or brand and how can this be best used for advertising and marketing?

What does your brand represent and what is the best strategy to market it to customers? 

Are your products well positioned? Does the design, packaging, and presentation fit with the image and the brand?

Who is your target group? Which tools can be used to collect them and get their feedback?

How are your services received by your target group? What are the problems and how you optimize your marketing strategy? 

This is where our tools and strategies are implemented to make your product successful.

Customer Loyalty

Employee Happiness

Do you have a new team or want to help bring your current team together to define roles and build trust? We can help you build a cohesive team; guiding you to rebuild and weld together an energetic and functional team using dynamic workshops. 

Working closely with the HR departments or Department Leads, we help to to resolve conflicts within departments or to assist with personnel learning and development. 

Company culture is one of the most important conditions for employee retention. If the culture is toxic, uninspiring or doesn’t exist, it will have a negative influence on an employee’s behavior, production, and their motivation. This can significantly and negatively impact a company’s product and profit. Flipself does extensive analysis of company culture and works with company leaders to improve workplace morale, give managers the analytical tools to lead productive teams, and ensures employees feel career momentum through learning and development workshops. 

Conflicts arise amidst all human interactions, but can be especially volatile in the workplace. Flipself works with companies, as an unbiased mediator, to examine the business’ status quo and help business leaders and HR teams mediate these conflicts using best practices and psychological observation to resolve persistent problems in the work environment and create strategies and procedure for future use. 

Flipself helps business’ develop their unique evaluation tools to ensure they continually have a functional company culture and employee happiness program. We utilize industry best practices and psychological tools (such as surveys, reviews, and interviews) to ensure that leaders, managers, and individual contributors receive continual development and are able to do their best work for the company. 

Management knowledge is indispensable when one is in leadership role. Using dynamic workshops and 1:1 evaluations, we will provide managers with skills and strategies that will increase their knowledge of what it means to build & lead a team, how to delegate work, and how to work with different types of individual contributors to motivate them to focus on their contributions and develop their skillset. 

The flipself Procedure


Send a request to the flipself team with a clearly defined assignment and/or problem with outcomes you hope to accomplish with us.


After clarifying the assignment, flipself researches the subject in regards to your product, service, corporate culture, or target group and develops a high-level strategy on how to jointly proceed.

Conceptual Planning

The results of the psychologically-interpreted research and planning is shared and discussed with the client.
We work together to develop a suitable consulting program based on the company's input and flipself’s initial research.

Program Management

Here the consulting program is implemented with the help of further market research, trainings, workshops, coaching or mediation. Flipself will facilitate implementation, training, and program maintenance as your products and company grow.


Our Offerings

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