Our Aim: We are here to help you

Your development is our highest priority

Our philosophy: humans are not robots. Often life seems so automated and routine, we get caught up in the day-to-day and forget to check-in with ourselves, our needs, and our long-term plans. We are just constantly overwhelmed and tired. That's why it's important to find a community where like-minded people with similar problems and mindset can connect with each other and grow.

Flipself was founded by a team of psychological counselors who kept noticing that their clients, friends, and family were all encountering similar dilemmas of overwhelming stress and indecision when it came to dealing with the complexities and chaos in modern life. They realized that instead of making decisions and setting goals, people were just on autopilot. As life continues to move faster and be more complex, it becomes normal to sink into this chaos and indecision. People are alienated from their true nature and needs, which makes them struggle to connect with themselves and relate to other people.

At flipself, we are here to help you counter the automation. We believe in empowerment and growth through building a conscious community with workshops, 1:1 counseling (online or in-person), business learning & development, and insightful media content. Let's ask ourselves these questions: Where do I stand? What do I really want? Why do I want this? and How do I actually get there? Questions that look totally simple at first glance - but take a lifetime to answer. Let's challenge ourselves to ask these questions, help each other answer them, learn more about ourselves, and move forward towards self-fulfillment.

flipself Values


In unserer Arbeit beschäftigen wir uns mit den drei wichtigsten Pfeilern des Lebens: Körper, Geist und Seele.


Open and honest communication is of the utmost importance at flipself. Treating each other with respect and being non-judgemental is our top priority. 


The flipself team is by your side during any stressful situation. goalit's during a personal counseling session or just a simple question via telephone or email, we’re responsive to you. 


The goaltreats all clients and customers with respect. We welcome everyone in our community and will not tolerate stereotyping or prejudice based on religious views, sexual & gender identity or race. Everyone is welcome. 

The flipself Team

Barbara Bardos (Founder)

Barbara is a Business Psychologist and certified Psychological Counselor. 

She has more than 10 years of business experience with a degree in International Business Management to complement leadership skills goal.

"For me it is the greatest honor to guide people on their journey to fulfillment and to experience with them the wonders of self awareness and personal development."

Aynur Özkan (Founder)

Aynur is a Media Psychologist and trained Psychological Counselor.

She brings with her many years of professional experience in the music and media industry with a broad knowledge of market and impact research during her time as a business consultant.

"I find that the most important thing to realize during personal development is that the smallest changes can have the biggest impact on our mental health and happiness."

Jennifer Kilty
Content Manager

Jennifer is a cultural scientist and spent 7 years San Francisco helping working in early-to-late stage startups building their Operations and Marketing teams. 

She supports Flipself goal in Marketing and Project Management. 

"My ultimate goal is to give people the support and encouragement they need to enact change and seek fulfillment in their life." 

The flipself team is looking forward to meeting you!