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Send a request to the flipself team. The more information you provide us about yourself and your needs, the easier it is to match you with a specific counselor. Justfill out the contact form below.


The flipself team will process your request within 24 hours and connect you with several psychological counselors who are a match for you.

Free Initial Session

Once you have selected a counselor, you can take advantage of a free initial consultation with him or her.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want to ensure your personal development and growth with your counselor. The Flipself team will be always be available for your support and growth. We will troubleshoot any problems you may encounter-- just contact us immediately.


You should always know what counseling methods are used by your psychological counselor. Some methods work well for certain people, but may not be the right method for your unique situation. 

These are some of our main methods: 

Depth Psychological Counseling

The aim of depth psychological counseling is to make you aware of your unconscious processes. Through this mutual awareness, your counselor helps you find solutions for your problems. The emergence, investigation and resolution of the problem can only be understood through several steps. By recognizing and acknowledging certain behaviors and patterns in your own life, we can begin to act consciously. It is at this point your intentions and well-being are manifested.

During this development process, the client is advised and supported by our psychological counselors. The length of counseling depends on each individual case. As a rule, there are 20 sessions, which are held weekly and last about 50 minutes. Depth psychology sustainably improves your quality of life.

Systemic Counseling *

In systemic counseling, individuals or groups of people are counseled in regards to their respective, contextual social system. For this reason it is particularly suitable for couple and family counseling.


Our Prices

1:1 Counseling

€ from80/ Session*
  • 50 Minutes
  • Online Sessions
  • In-Person Sessions

Vocational Guidance

€ from60/ Session*
  • 50 Minutes
  • Online Sessions
  • In-Person Sessions

* Systemic Counseling takes place with different time perimeters and premises. The scope of services and the corresponding prices are calculated individually.