Assistent test

Assessment Test

With the help of this assessment test, you will develop an understanding of your own situation in order to make the best decision as to which form of support might be the right one. The test thus fulfils the criterion of providing information about the differences and similarities between the various interventions and offers on the psychological market. The self-test distinguishes between:

– Mentoring/Training

– Coaching

– Supervision

– Psychological Counseling

– Couples Therapy

– Psychotherapy


Als extra BONUS sichern sich alle Käufer*innen dieses Tests einen Rabatt von 20% auf ein persönliches Einschätzungsgespräch (Supervision) mit mir. 

The result of the assessment test is a recommendation for one of the listed interventions: beinhaltet:

1. a personal recommendation based on the test results
2. the definition and description of the recommended intervention
3. an overview of how the other interventions have performed
4. the second ranking recommendation (alternative), also explained
5. clarification of overlaps and grey areas 
6. comparison of all areas for educational purposes
7. manual for the search for therapists


This test is psychologically founded and was developed with the help of more than 30 psychotherapists, coaches, consultants and mentors and was tested and examined with 40 test participants over a period of two months. Nevertheless, this test is not used to determine a diagnosis, but purely as a recommendation, clarification and serves as a consultation tool.

Waiting list registration

* Pflichtfeld

Note: the registration is limited. If the capacity of 10 tests per week, which I am currently still evaluating myself, is exceeded, you can join the waiting list. There is currently a rule: first come, first served. You will receive a confirmation of registration.